Just some of our Frequently Asked Questions!

Because our product is so unique, we come across our fair share of questions on the daily! Here are some of the top FAQ's we receive:

1. Do you do a system for ______?

If your vehicle is not listed on our website, chances are we don't. In the background we are continually developing and prototyping new shapes entirely driven by consumer demand. Because the 4x4 and car market is constantly evolving, older model vehicles aren't as high on our radar. If you would like to register your interest, please do so via our contact form.

2. How does it handle in the wind?

We’ve had our awnings in action in some pretty decent coastal winds. One should be more concerned about the awning breaking. Don't forget to secure your awning with guy ropes and pegs!

3. How does it fit to the vehicle and is it easy to remove?

Our fitment guides are available to view on our website for full transparency. Our brackets are fully removable with 4x security head bolts that take under 2 mins to remove, while our mounts sit permanently in the vehicles roof gutter track to remain watertight.

4. Do you do the install?

We don't book install's as we're usually too busy prototyping and building your kits. We have a select handful of reputable fitters listed on the home page of our website. If none are local to you the alternative is to enquire with your trusted 4x4 accessory store for a quote to fit.

5. Doesn’t that stress the mounting point/roof rail?

Most roof rack standards are designed to have up to 200kg downward force, 120kg side force and an average of 50-100kg upward force. The roof rails of all cars are designed to have force from more than one angle. Our product will not impose any more force than a typical roof rack system, being that an awning weighs an average of 13kg. Our product has been fitted to our demo vehicles for approximately 150,000km+ and no signs of stress/cracks/tears.

6. How do these go as far as the paint work?

Your kit comes with HD foam and paint protection film providing safeguard against any wear and so you can rest easy. Our product has been fitted to our original demo vehicles for 150,000km+ and no sign of damage. It's important to note that the foam and film need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis to ensure peak protection. Purchase replacements here.

7. Will any awning work?

With the exception of 180 and 270 degree awnings (due to an increase in plate height for these type awnings), most brand straight awnings should suit. We sell, run and recommend Darche Eclipse Slimline awnings. But if you're unsure, please get in touch.

8. How high will the awning sit above the roof?

The highest point sits roughly 140mm above the top of the vehicles rear door seal.

9. Do you have a kit that will clamp straight to my cars roof rails (eg. Prado, Wildtrak)?

Our system works by mounting directly to the vehicles roof gutter, below the rail. Factory roof rails aren’t designed to hold the direct weight of an awning.

10. Why 304 grade stainless steel?

While 316 grade is much more resistant to corrosion, 304 grade is a very well suited application for it's purpose as awning mounts. Worldwide, 304 is the most commonly used grade for automotive parts. 316 is the grade of choice for marine applications. Remember, your vehicle is made from steel and will corrode much faster than 304 grade stainless. Don't drive in the ocean folks!

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