4WD Awning Buyers Guide

Awnings are a must have for the outdoorsy person. Whether you want it for a bit of shade, protection from the rain or a 30 minute smoko, they’re the perfect addition to your four wheel drive.

Here are our quick tips when considering an awning:

✖️ When choosing an awning that suits the length of your vehicle, we recommend a 2.5m awning for wagon 4x4’s like a Land Cruisers and Patrols. Whereas a 2m awning better suits dual cab utes. With the exception of utes with canopies, a 2.5m awning is more proportionate.

✖️ There are so many different brand and style awnings on the market, but the right one for you depends on budget and usage. Not everyone wants a giant, heavy and expensive 270 degree awning!

✖️ Look at the specifications of the awning. Is the canvas mould treated? What is the water head rating? Is it UV resistant? 

✖️ The fabric of choice should always be canvas. Anything lighter than 300g per sm you tend to lose durability, but heavier and you’re just adding weight and bulk. You will want a quality leak-proof canvas awning and not one that made from cheap, flimsy nylon. In the end it really doesn’t matter how good the fabric and tubing are if it’s badly stitched or held together with flimsy joints it will not last.

✖️ The passenger side seems to be a more popular side to mount your awning. If you need to stop on the side of the road, you can setup and have shade without having to worry about traffic passing by. But the driver’s side allows for better protection when driving offroad (often the snorkel is on this side too). Also have a think about which way you would normally park at the beach or your favorite camp site, and where you want maximum protection.

✖️ When setting up your awning PEG IT DOWN! If your camp is unattended and the wind picks up the risk of damage to both your awning and vehicle increases with loose flapping and unsecured poles.

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